Zoom H6 Review – If You Loved The H4n, You’ll LOOVE The Zoom H6!

Zoom H6 Review

Zoom H6 Review

The Zoom H4n was Awesome – But This Is Gonna Be Amazing!

The Zoom H6 takes it up a notch… plain and simple! As one of the latest models of portable digital recorders on the market today, the Zoom H6 can provide musicians, studio producers, and video creators with an easy yet effective way of recording their works. This handheld device is lightweight, thereby making it easy to use, control, and manage under different situations. With its 6-track functionality and multiple line inputs, it can handle any type of projects that you might have wherever you are.

This little device can also accommodate a number of devices through its line in and line out connectivity. It also has a built in speaker as well as a headphone out that lets you monitor and listen to your recordings conveniently. Below you will find a more detailed breakdown of Zoom H6’s features which set it apart from other models of handheld digital recorders.

Zoom H6 Key Features

  • Input Capsules – The input capsules on the H6 can be interchanged and swapped easily. It comes with the Stereo X/Y input capsule as well as side microphone capsule, but you can also use Shotgun input capsules and Dual XLR/TRS on this device (these are sold separately).
  • 6-Track Functionality – This feature enables the unit to handle simultaneous recordings of 6 different tracks.
  • Main Inputs – It comes with 4 mic/line inputs and XLR/TRS connectors too.
  • Gain Controls – You can control the gain function by turning the knobs.
  • Pad Switcher – Each input can be controlled by -20db pads.
  • Phantom Power – All the main inputs are phantom power compatible up to 48V.
  • Advanced Mic Preamps – The advanced system incorporated on this device allows it to produce clear digital sounds.
  • Line Out – A 1/8” line out jack can be found at the bottom of the unit to accommodate external device connections.
  • USB Port – This feature enables the production of digital output of 6 input signals or stereo mix via USB.
  • Headphone Output – You can privately listen to your recordings by plugging in your headphone; and it even has its own volume control.
  • Built-In Speaker – Your recordings can be monitored even if there are no external speakers. This feature also disconnects automatically when other devices are connected to the line out or headphone output.

Zoom H6 Specifications

Brand: Zoom

Model: H6

Product Weight: Approximately 2 pounds


  • Multi-Tasking – This portable digital recorder can handle different types of applications including live recording, film projects, audio work, and broadcast ENG.
  • Easy to Operate and Control – The gain dials come in the form of knobs which can be controlled smoothly and accurately.
  • Solid Built – The unit itself as well as all the control buttons are well-made and durable.
  • Colored LCD Display – The LCD display is easy on the eyes, and it has an automatic dim feature to save on battery life.
  • Practical Design – The pad switches are located on the top portion of the device for easy access.
  • Interchangeable Microphones – The mics connected on the device can be interchangeably used.


  • Hidden Menus – Since the main menus are hidden from view, some users found it quite troublesome to access the file format, folders, speed, and other applications that are constantly used when recording.

Our Conclusion

The Zoom H6’s design really impressed us as the unit is equipped with 4 XLR channels that can be immediately accessed. This format allows users to record up to 4 XLRs all at once or do backup recordings. And since each channel has its own individual compression mechanism, there will be no clipping of sounds even when the controls are turned up high.

As the latest model of digital recorder from Zoom, this unit can also deliver solid audio recordings that surpass the quality of previous models. It also has advanced preamps mic that guarantee the best sounds in recordings under different settings. You are also provided with different ways to playback the recorded data as you can use external speakers, headphones, or the built-in speaker that’s located at the bottom of the unit.

Indeed, we consider this model of digital recorder to be truly functional and useful. And since it’s portable, you will not find it hard to bring it with you outside the studio. We are recommending it for audio recordings as well as video works whether you are a professional, a novice, or just a hobbyist. The modern features incorporated on this unit’s design make it well worth the price!



Official Product Website at Zoom.com