The Zoom H6 Vs Zoom H4n

Zoom H6 Vs Zoom H4n

Coming from the same Company, you can expect that the Zoom H6 and Zoom H4n are very similar to each other. But as to how far the similarities and differences go, it would be a good idea to look at each of the unit’s features closely.

By putting these 2 devices side by side, you will be able to examine them more accurately so as to be able to decide which model of digital recorder is most suitable to your needs.

Zoom H6 vs Zoom H4n – Side By Side

Zoom H6

zoomh6As one of the most advanced portable digital recorders today, Zoom H6 boasts of 6 channels that can be used simultaneously. Its built-in preamp mics and external mic functionality also allows the unit to provide users with exceptional digital sounds. It has 24-bit/ 96 kHz audio sampling rate to ensure crisp and clear output too.

It comes with an LCD Display for menu navigation and settings. And there’s also a USB port to facilitate transferring of files to and from the computer.

You can use SD memory cards on this model too. And since it has a built-in speaker and a headphone output, you can easily monitor the recorded audio on the device.

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Zoom H4n

zoomh6vszoomh4nThe H4n model of digital recorder from Zoom is equipped with 4 channels that can be used all at the same time when recording audio and video projects. You also have the option of using both the internal and external mics when recording. Its offers a depth of 24-bit and the sampling rate on this unit is 96 kHz.

The LCD display on this device can be found on the upper portion of recorder. It also has buttons that provide for easy access to the menu, folders, speed, etc. You can also connect this to your computer via USB.

SD memory cards are compatible with this digital recorder. You can also use your headphones or the built-in speaker when monitoring audio output.

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Which One is Better? The Zoom H6 or the Zoom H4n?

The Zoom brand is popular with musicians because it has a reputation for making high quality digital devices and equipment. But since the H6 model is newer than the H4n, it is made to be more advanced and full-featured. In fact, H6 is a 6-track recorder while H4n is only a 4-track model.

As far as sound quality is concerned, both units can deliver professional results whether you are recording vocals or instruments. So they are equally reliable for recording, mixing, and producing different types of works.

Some fans of the H4n like the LCD console on the older model as the function buttons are easily accessible from the unit’s interface. In the H6 model, the menus are hidden; and several steps are needed to access the settings and folders. But other than that, H6 is way better than the H4n as this is an upgraded version of the previous model.

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